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Bands and Live Shows

Currently, Jon Townsend is appearing around the Dallas area with the following acts : 
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No Commitment  :
An eclectic 7 piece cover band which plays anything and everything from Elvis Presley  to Elvis Costello.  
R&B, Rockabilly, Swing, Disco, you name it.......
Current Dates : 


Diamondbag :
A Neil Diamond Tribute Band with several twists.  "The End' of Neil as you've known it.
Current Dates : 

Solo Acoustic Shows :

"Some songs I wrote, and others I wish I'd written" - is the theme for these shows.  Other band mates often frequent and make appearances.  

CDs for sale at these shows.

Current Dates : 

The End :
The original rock band is back ! (who?)
Hear Live versions of orginal songs from the CDs [Sharngri-la, and Gin and Sonic] (and perhaps even old tapes)
Current Dates :