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No Commitment


No Commitment is a seven-piece band based out of Dallas, which plays anything and everything under the sun.  Unlike many cover bands, No Commitment avoids many of the ‘pop standards’ that can be heard just about anywhere, and instead focuses on high-energy, eclectic, yet very popular songs which are both surprising and refreshing.  The band has been regularly appearing around Dallas for over four years to consistently pleased club and private party audiences and continues to build a strong following.

 The name “No Commitment” stems from the fact that the members of this band perform for the love of the music and having a great time on stage, not for a living.  The enjoyment is contagious and the audience always ends up joining the party.  If the band didn’t have fun performing, they wouldn’t be doing it.

 Although the musicians in the band ‘haven’t quit their day jobs’, they are by no means weekend warriors when it comes to ability.  Most of the band members have performed professionally for years and are accomplished musicians and singers.  The band is musically tight, but is also loose enough to improvise for any occasion.     No Commitment is available for club dates, private parties, weddings, corporate engagements and benefits.


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