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With Extra Cheese

The 'Feel of Neil' ...Extra Extra Cheese


logov2.gif (1135 bytes) Songs from the CDs available for FREE.  The music of Jon Townsend on


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The 'Omar is an Asshole' webpage.

(or 'what we did on our summer vacation', by those who can remember.)

- could it be the same Omar pictured below ?   Tune in and find out who he is and what he did to  deserve such treatment.   Get the scoop as Simon and Lana keep track of events so the participants don't have to.

emeraldmist.jpg (21331 bytes) The Emerald Mist Web Site

A great Irish Pub in North Dallas featuring live music many nights of the week along with great drinks.  Many nationally known Celtic bands play here on tour.

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Christopher North - composer, musician, renaissance man.  Check out hi webpage to find out why he's making that face.

* Chris can be heard playing bass on 'Hey Danny'.  A song which appears on the first Jon Townsend CD, "Gin and Sonic"

onion_logo_340.gif (2518 bytes) The Onion

Simply some of the funniest stuff being written today.  If you're fond of ire, sarcasm and mirth, check it out.  Recommended reading if you're having a particularly stressful day at work.

ECHO.jpg (11103 bytes) Echo's Page of Paul (a Paul McCartney Tribute) -

Is she a hippie, artist, poet, kindred spirit, or dangerous stalker ?  We're not sure.  Check out her webpage and be the judge.

BeggLogo.jpg (7654 bytes) Beggar Club's Web Site

A fun place to hang out in North Dallas featuring live music on the weekend.   This has been a regular gig for "No Commitment" for about 4 years.