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Too late, watched the rabbit run down
Rolling under the wheel
Not a lot of hope in this town
Knowing just how it must feel
Pull down just a rolling machine
Watching the poles passing by
Two eggs and a new magazine
Rolling out under the sky
Hey, I'm driving my life away
For you baby, here in Shangri-La
Hey, there ain't nothing more I can say
Haven't seen you lately, here in Shangri-La
You're the one that I've been dreaming of
Some nights I look out at the stars
Glowing out in the sky
Do they look the same where you are
When the light catches your eye
Some day I'll get off of this road
And come and take a hold of your hand
Until then, we better do as we're told
I'm hoping you still understand
Don't got time for mass production
It's over my head
Just don't waste time with self destruction
Remember what I said
Ooo baby, baby baby,
You better listen what your momma said.