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So Very Far From Home


Everywhere you are
Is everywhere I'll be
Singing songs together 
As we march in to the sea

Somewhere there's a man
Who cannot find his way
He's hoping that tomorrow 
Is much better than today

Wondering "Could we be alone?"
Wandering so very far from home

You cannot tell for sure
Where this road is going to lead
But is doesn't really matter
Just as long as you're with me

Out under the desert the sun
Like little children walk hand in hand
Leaving sets of footprints
Out across the sand

As we face the setting sun
Oh, perspiration fills my head
If we can't get there together
Then we might as well be dead

Down beneath the stars
Twinkle city lights
Offer up their comfort 
As we wander through the night
Soon the waking sun 
Shines across the sky
We look down from the mountain
As the world opens it's eyes